Serenity is a fictional Firefly class spaceship appearing in Joss Whedon‘s Firefly television series and related works. Set in the 26th century, the series revolves around nine characters, which form the crew of the small transport ship, as they try to make a living through various legal and illegal means. Because the ship is the main setting, it appears in all fourteen episodes, the film, and all of the published comics.


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27th Sep 2011

46 Responses to “Garmin vehicles : firefly serenity”

  1. joe says:

    dude, i requested this only this morning! you’re amazing. the model looks great!

  2. Mike says:

    This icon is made of WIN!

  3. Mike says:

    Awesome! Keep flying

  4. Will says:

    Any chance of a Tom-Tom version?

  5. lis says:

    I have a Garmin nuvi 680 and it doesn’t seem very transparent how to install Serenity as my vehicle. Am I missing something??

    • admin says:

      I don’t have this model…

      On your Nuvi, just put the .srf file into the “vehicles” directory on the garmin 🙂
      and select it in the dedicated menu (on the gps)

  6. Sue says:

    Is there a Serenity for TomTom?

  7. lis says:

    Accomplishment achieved.
    Next question: can you make a Serenity with the tail glowing as it does as it flies?

  8. james says:

    Does this work with the Garmin iPhone app?

  9. Sarah says:

    This image is excellent and a true plus for Firefly fans. Thank you! Can’t wait to surprise my family!

  10. Angie says:

    Would absolutely love this for Google Maps on my iphone. Yeah, I know, impossible wishes but maybe some day?!

  11. Sandy says:

    Any way this could also be available for the magellan gps? =D

  12. Amber says:

    So this is getting some headway today 😀 Anyways, I was wondering is there a way to use it for the Android/google maps on my phone?

  13. JoLynn says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I downloaded this asap and will use it for life. Thank you Garmin! And thank you Nathan Fillion!!!

  14. rampantsanity says:

    now how to port it to google…?

  15. Bryn says:

    Cannot download this fast enough!!! 😀

  16. Grace says:

    Now we need an App to make it work for an iPhone… My GPS is built into that… So I don’t have an actual GPS… 🙁 I want Serenity to navigate me wherever I want to go, on my Smart Phone! Please? Please? Please?

  17. TVismylife says:

    HOLY CRAP! That is three kinds of awesome with a side of fan-friggin-tastic! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!

    • admin says:

      OMG ! i never had so many people interested in one garmin vehicle ! That’s awesome !

      Thank you !!!


      Regards !!!

  18. Adam says:

    My wife saw this on Facebook thanks to a friend. I am now charged with finding a way to get this on our android devices. If anyone would be so kind as to let me know which GPS Navigation app can do this on an Android smart phone …. Well, my wife will love ME even more. I currently have Navigon USA & CAN, which is by Garmin, but it doesn’t support changing the vehicle avatar in any intuitive way. More than happy to root the device if that’s what is required to “hack” this into the app, but I’d much prefer to just copy and past the .srf, or png, or bmp, or whatever… So, if anyone with an Android device was able to get this to work – please tell me, which app did you use so I can get this going for my wife? ^_^

  19. Michele says:

    Outstanding work!

  20. Mel says:

    The only thing I can’t figure out is how to make it do a Crazy Ivan…

    (This is probably a good thing.)

  21. Melissa says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  22. Hugh says:

    Hi, I downloaded this and installed in on my Garmin nuvi. I have the Nuvi display in the fixed map format (so I’m looking down from above at a map where “up” is always north) and the icon will only display when the vehicle is traveling due north (i.e., if the icon is required to point anywhere but straight up the screen it just vanishes). Any suggestions?

  23. Andy says:

    Any chance you have one for Magellan Roadmate 2136T-LM ?

  24. Des says:

    Do you know if this would work on the Nuvi 2597 model? :\

  25. Kristy says:

    I have a garmin nuvi 2597, and i can’t seem to get this to download…

  26. neil says:

    This is awesome, thanks for setting it up.

  27. Ridwan Fauzi says:

    what the function this garmin vehichel? thanks

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