In  this tutorial you will learn how to create automatically the garmin vehicle PNG frame with a gimp script fu.

Gimp is a free picture editing software. It is very powerfull and has a script support.You can download it at http://www.gimp.org

When creating a custom garmin vehicle, you have to create 37 pictures of your vehicle (36 pictures with your spinning vehicle and 1 for the view of your vehicle from the top)

Here, we just want to compose a PNG frame with the 37 PNG pictures, like this :

This frame will then be directly used to generate an .srf file.

  1. Download and install the provided script (see download at the end of the article)
  2. In order to install a script fu for gimp on MAC, copy the .scm file into /users/”your username”/library/Application Support/Gimp/scripts/
  3. Then, launch Gimp software.
  4. Normally, you will find a new menu called “Batch”, here you will find your program : Garmin Vehicles PNG Frame. Click on it.
  5. Select the folder where you have generated your 37 pictures on PNG format.
  6. Select your picture’s name : For example, if you recorded my_car0.png, my_car1.png, my_car2.png….my_car35.png… and… my_car_dessus.png : write the name “my_car”
  7. Click on validate.

This will normally generate a file my_car_frame.png with your garmin vehicle.

This script is very usefull to create a PNG file that will be converted to .srf garmin compatible file.


Download “garmin vehicle PNG frame” script fu for gimp

4th Mar 2011

One Response to “Garmin tutorials : How to create a garmin vehicle PNG frame with a gimp script fu?”

  1. blubb says:

    Funny script 🙂

    But it generates 37+1 pics instead the needed 36+1. I have changed the fake-making part in the script from 2880 to 2801 in the last line, so this works for me:

    ;;Next one is fake and necessary to fill the 2881 column !
    (set! layer (car (gimp-file-load-layer 0 image (string-append (string-append (string-append dirname-in “/”) name) “35.png”))))
    (gimp-layer-set-offsets layer 2801 0)

    Thank you for making this scripts public

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