In  this tutorial you will learn how to create automatically an animated gif with a gimp script fu.

Gimp is a free picture editing software. It is very powerfull and has a script support.You can download it at http://www.gimp.org

When creating a custom garmin vehicle, you have to create 37 pictures of your vehicle (36 pictures with your spinning vehicle and 1 for the view of your vehicle from the top)

Here, we just want to compose an animated gif with the 36 PNG pictures, like this :

  1. Download and install the provided script (see download at the end of the article)
  2. In order to install a script fu for gimp on MAC, copy the .scm file into /users/”your username”/library/Application Support/Gimp/scripts/
  3. Then, launch Gimp software.
  4. Normally, you will find a new menu called “Batch”, here you will find your program : Garmin Vehicle Gif Animation. Click on it.
  5. Select the folder where you have generated your 36 pictures on PNG format.
  6. Select your picture’s name : For example, if you recorded my_car0.png, my_car1.png, my_car2.png….my_car35.png : write my_car
  7. Click on validate.

This will normally generate a file my_car.gif with your spinning vehicle.

This script is very usefull to preview your spinning vehicle !


Download animated gif script fu for gimp

4th Mar 2011

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