Hello Garmin users,

After a long time without news from us : here is our French Speedcams pack for Garmin, updated for April 2016.


These packs were made with our own collected data from the http://www.tomtomheaven.com website.

Use these data at your own risk !


Download manual installation pack

Enjoy !

Thank you !

9th Apr 2017

5 Responses to “Garmin POI : French Danger Areas (Radars) for Garmin GPS – April 2017”

  1. fañch WARGNIER says:

    thanks a lot!

  2. melo says:

    Fichier erroné,
    les points décimaux sont des virgules comme les séparateurs de champs.

  3. kalagani says:

    when I use the April 2017 zip for Garmin, none alarms occurs with my Zumo.
    If I try to see detail about a particular Alarm on this Zumo, only number is displaying while with the previously 2016 I can see complete address.
    I think the .csv files are corrupted because when I use the original .ov2 April 2017 for TomTom converted in .csv with poiEdit, I can see the detail.
    Just conversion for 130 give error on line 76…so not all 130 alarms are loaded…

  4. Gilbert Gouret says:

    Je voudrais attirer l’attention sur le fait que le téléchargement des radars proposés ici et supposés dater d’avril 2017 ne correspond pas aux données de la même date de TomTomHeaven. Il s’agit de données de 2016 …
    Bien cordialement

  5. Cboss says:

    Merci 🙂

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