Hello Garmin users,

After a long time without news from us : here is our French Speedcams pack for Garmin, updated for July 2017.


These packs were made with our own collected data from the http://www.tomtomheaven.com website.

Use these data at your own risk !


Download manual installation pack

Enjoy !

Thank you !

8th Jul 2017

5 Responses to “Garmin POI : French Danger Areas (Radars) for Garmin GPS – July 2017”

  1. fanch says:

    thanks a lot

  2. The Totof says:

    Dommage, fichiers .csv illisibles, car comme les fichiers d’avril, ceux-ci ne fonctionnent toujours pas. Des virgules à la place des points dans les coordonnées GPS des radars dans des fichiers csv rendent les fichiers illisibles après transformation en .gpi par Garmin POI loader.

    Shame, unreadable .csv files, because like April files, they still do not work. Commas instead of points in GPS coordinates of radars in csv files make files unreadable after .gpi transformation by Garmin POI loader.

  3. Cboss says:

    thanks 🙂 it miss the new pics and sound for the new files “alerte multiple…”

  4. Steve says:

    I think this data set is corrupted, the lat/long values use the comma “,” as a decimal separator (as in France), not “.”. For example:

    20161031 data
    1.62786,46.75084,00611-36 A20-Saint-Maur@130

    20170708 data
    1,62786,46,75084,00611-36 A20-Saint-Maur@130

    so it doesn’t load correctly into my GPS.

  5. Job says:

    Hi Cyph
    Good and accurate work, but there is a fatal bug for French user. I think you use now an English OS on your computer rather than a French one by the past, is it a Brexit consequence ?
    So, when you open the 2017 .csv files with Smultron on Macintosh with a french OSX all dots appears as comma !

    (never use Excel on Macintosh to open these .csv files because the file header will be modified and Garmin POI Loader will never find the modified file…thanks to Microsoft)

    For instance 0.30,4.11 appear as 0,30,4,11 So POI Loader accept to record the .gpi file but as the comma is a separator, the file will not work with the Garmin GPS !

    This is due to the localization of the OS used for the creation of the file. For English the decimal separator is a dot and for French it’s a comma, thousand separator is a comma in English and a space in French. Please come back in France !!

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